Planning Amazing Weekly Services

From Brainstorm to Execution

Each and every weekend churches want to make the most their service times, making sure to communicate effectively and creatively. Everything from music, announcements, message and beyond deserve to be well thought through and done with excellence. Too often great service ideas are left on the cutting room floor due to a lack of planning or execution.

Join in this conversation and learn new ways on how to make the most of every moment in your services. The process of planning a service is a big one. Taking ideas from brainstorming, planning, designing and executing in order to have a great service experience each and every week is a big task. We want people to walk away having had an experience with Jesus and remembering the biblical principals that were taught. Join this talk and we will walk through the 4D process of Dream, Define, Design and Develop. Come and talk about how to navigate your teams through this process and create memorable and impacting services each and every week.

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