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Oct 2-4, 2013
Dallas Convention Center
Dallas, TX

Live Sound Demo

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The Ultimate Audio Experience - 13 Systems, 1 Location

Want to listen to, evaluate, and compare up to a thirteen compact loudspeaker systems in a controlled listening environment? NOW YOU CAN!

Live Sound International and ProSoundWeb have developed a unique controlled environment demonstration designed to provide side-by-side listening opportunities for you to evaluate compact loudspeaker systems from around the industry, in addition to getting further technical details and pricing information from qualified representatives of each company participating in the demo.

What to Expect

During each session, all systems will be played, using identical tracks. Listeners will move from system to system, evaluating what they hear and also observing each system’s scale, components and other important details.

Each participating compact loudspeaker company will also be offering a dedicated 15-minute exclusive demo session for interested attendees on both days of the event.

Event Info

October 2-3, 2013
Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX

Held in conjunction with the WFX Conference & Expo.
Three 1-hour demo sessions will be held each day.

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*Demo sessions are open to all attendees of WFX as well as other groups and individuals interested in audio and loudspeaker systems and technology.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights on what’s available in the world of compact loudspeaker systems in this comprehensive event!

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Join Our Demo Sessions!



10:15am - Full Demo 1

9:40am - Full Demo 1

11:30am - Adamson

10:45am - PreSonus

11:50am - L-Acoustics

11:05am - Alcons Audio

12:10pm - Martin Audio

11:25am - Alcons Audio

12:30pm - Bose Professional

11:45am - Renkus-Heinz

12:50pm - EAW

12:05pm- Elipsis Audio

1:10pm - Danley Sound Labs

12:25pm - Line 6

1:30pm - PreSonus

12:45pm - D.A.S. Audio

1:50pm - Alcons Audio

1:05pm - L-Acoustics

2:10pm - Full Demo 2

1:25pm - Full Demo 2

3:30pm - Electro-Voice

2:30pm - Adamson

3:50pm - Renkus-Heinz

2:55pm - Bose Professional

4:10pm - Elipsis Audio

3:15pm - Danley Sound Labs

4:30pm - D.A.S. Audio

3:35pm - Martin Audio

4:50pm - Line 6

3:55pm - EAW

5:00pm - Full Demo 3

4:15pm - Full Demo 3


Listen to industry-leading loudspeaker manufacturers!

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